Wholesale European Crystal Figurines

 I have been dealing with Crystal Florida for 11 years now. They are very reliable. My orders always ship within 24 hours. The pruducts are of high quality and craftsmanship. Thank you Crystal Florida and keep up the excellent work. John Kirchenbauer, Noah's Animal Figurines - Mentor, OH  

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 We received everything today  and we wanted to tell you how amazingly pleased we are. Everything that should be there is there and was packed very well. We are stocking inventory for our store which is opening soon and you by far are our biggest and best investment. Everything is just beautiful and customer contact is the greatest. You make us feel valued. Thank you so much and we look forward to selling your crystals in our store. Todd and Erica Robtoy, Erkiesstuff - Danielson, CT

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Our stunning line of 100+ designs consists of crystal Animals such as Elephants, Pigs, Lions, Horse, Rhinos, Hippos, Pandas, Cats, Dogs, Monkeys, Mouse, Butterfly, Birds such as Owls, Parrots, Flamingo, Hummingbird, Christmas items, Butterfly, clear, red, pink, blue, yellow, lilac, lavender, purple Roses, Diamonds, Dragon, Pets, Religious items, swans, frogs, fish, dolphins, oysters, shells, octopus, sailboat, light houses and more at very competitive prices. We are developing new and unique products every year specifically for the U.S gift market. We look forward to the opportunity to increase your sales and the profitability of your company. We invite you to review our exquisite wholesale crystal figurines and to discuss potential business opportunities with us. Make sure you also visit our retail stores Crystal Florida Online and CMB Gifts Online

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